In Fear and Faith

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Mental illness is like fighting a war where the enemy’s strategy is to convince you that the war isn’t actually happening.
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after u watch the anaconda video


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don’t date anyone who isn’t proud of you

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You’ve been criticizing yourself for years and it hasn’t worked. Try accepting yourself and see what happens.

Louise Hay 

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If someone cheats on you they do not love you, remember that. If someone cheats on you they do not care about you as much as they say they do. If someone cheats on you it means that for a split second you were off their mind long enough for them to put another person in arms that should only be for you. If someone cheats on you, dear god, I hope you don’t go back to them because you are worth so much more than that.

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hickeys are beautiful because they are the only time a bruise results from love and affection rather than harm

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